The Balanced Family Budget Challenge & Workbook
The Balanced Family Budget Challenge & Workbook
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The Balanced Family Budget Challenge & Workbook

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Would you like to have a balanced family budget? Do you need tips to find ways to cut costs, save more and be more intentional with your family finances? In this 30-day budget challenge, you will find a way to create a budget that is sustainable that works for you. 

You will learn:

  • How to budget even when you suck at it (Despite living paycheck to paycheck)  
  • What kind of spender profile you fit into (With tips to curb your spending by knowing your triggers)  
  • How to reduce your expenses without sacrifices (No, you don't need to live a "frugal" life)  
  • How to meal plan like a boss (Even if you hate it...)  
  •  How to make adjustments in your budget so it always works for you  
  • How to talk to your spouse about money (Yes, this can suck but I have faith in you!)  
  •  How to plan for emergencies & save like nobody's business  
  • Plus my trick to saving money all the time!  

Not only will you receive the budget challenge but you will also receive a companion workbook to help guide you along this journey. Don't wait, start today! 

 **This is a digital download in which you will print at home or take to a copy store.