Say Goodbye To Survival Mode
Crystal Paine

Say Goodbye To Survival Mode

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Are you constantly tired and exhausted? Do you wish life didn’t feel so chaotic and crazy? Have you ever felt like it’s impossible to find breathing room in your schedule?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please know that you are NOT alone.
In her New York Times bestselling book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Crystal chronicles the steps she took to beat the burnout in order to live life at a thriving, peaceful pace. This book has helped thousands of women on their own journey to break the vicious cycle of living every day in survival mode.
Now she's back in a sequel course to her popular book to invite everyone into her world as she shares what has happened since Say Goodbye to Survival Mode was published and how she found herself once again struggling with living every day in survival mode. 
Her new course is real. It's raw. And it's powerful. Check it out! 

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